Welcome to Mastadors

Welcome to the Mastadors website!

We created this blog to share our experiences raising our 2.5 year old Mastador “Moose”. The Mastador is a hybrid of half mastiff and half Labrador retriever. Some websites refer to the Mastador as a designer dog, others refer to Mastadors as mixed breeds.  Our Mastador, Moose is half English Mastiff (apricot) and half Chocolate lab. Moose’s mom, an 150-pound beautiful English Mastiff was “accidentally” bred to a handsome Chocolate lab named Buddy. Coincidentally, the mother was from an English Mastiff breeder who we visited when we were looking specifically for an English Mastiff.

Moose is black and looks like a giant Labrador retriever. His other name could be Clifford. Moose weighs in a 120 pounds of pure muscle (the weight is about 6 months old, since his last vet check). He has a giant head with beautiful full ears (like the english mastiff) and giant webbed paws (like the lab), tall muscular legs and a long tail (like the mastiff). He is a beautiful creature (when he is being good).

The image is Moose when he was a 7 week puppy. He would always lay under my feet. Not much has changed: when I am at the desk, he is under my feet. When I am in the kitchen, he is under my feet. He always wants to be by us and a part of the pack.