Lab Results

How cute is this?!?!?! This looks like Moose when he was a puppy

Dog Spa

Moose went to the dog spa for two weeks! That means….vacation for us! Look for more posts in two weeks

Age of Mastador Neutering

We were on the fence of when to neuter Moose. I conducted my research for a large, mixed breed dog. I found various reports of recommendations.  Neutering does increase longevity. On the other hand, neutering was thought to prevent certain cancers are now thought to be increased by neutering. We decided to do what was best

Mastador Dog Toy

We bought this dog toy for Moose at a sporting good store to try at the beach (not in the water). This is one of Moose’s favorite toys (other than his multiple bones, turtle…….).

Mastador Training Treats

One of my friends received training treats for her new puppy. But her new puppy has stomach issues and she did not want to introduce new food other than rice and chicken.  So she gave us new treats to try! The brand name is Wet Noses. The treats are made in America, all organic and natural

Mastador Snacks

We went on a loooong walk this morning with Moose. When we left early this morning, the sky was overcast with a small amount of sprinkles. By the time we returned our RedBox a mile away from our home, the sky was beautiful! The sun was shining and the humidity was increasing.


Every Saturday our neighborhood has a farmer’s market with local produce. We were so excited for the fruit this summer. I bought a carton of blueberries and left them unopened on the counter. 

Chocolate Mastador

This image finally captured the various colors of Moose. His dad was a Chocolate Lab, his mother was a fawn English Mastiff. In the right lighting, the chocolate hair is seen. After a bath the chocolate highlights also come out. For his bath, we have the ‘Bathe N Groom’ Pet Washer. 

Red Ball (Mastador Size)

I bought this ball at the Pet Expo. This ball was made for big doggies like Mastadors! Moose LOVES his new ball.

Mastador Toys

Moose loves his toys! We had to post this because after his favorite toys were in front of him, he still played with my old tennis shoe.