I just thought this photo was so cute, I had to share

Candy Crush

Moose wanted to play Candy Crush!

Strange Pose

This area is Moose’s spot. We trained him to run to his spot when the doorbell rings or when we have visitors over. He sleeps here and just hangs out watching us. I took him on a long walk over the weekend in the early morning to avoid him overheating. He cannot take the heat


I never thought clean carpet would be an issue with a dog. Before Moose, I had a (beautiful) German Shepherd and his hair would collect in dust balls on the tile.

Dog Shame!

My mom painstakingly made fresh human “puppy chow” for my husband and I. The only ingredients I remember are chex-mix and powered sugar (I know there are a ton more ingredients that I am missing).  She baked them fresh and shipped us the goodies overnight.  Little did we know, the “puppy chow” was made for

Beach Day!

Throwback puppy photo! We took Moose to the beach for the first time when he was a few months old. At first, he was a little uneasy with the new smells, new environment, sand and waves.


I found Moose staring into my closet! It was a little ‘Blair Witch Project’ style, staring into the corner! I think I left food in the pocket of my jacket He is a foodie!  

My thoughts right now!

Mastador on a Couch

HAHA! We were laying on the couch this weekend, watching TV when Moose came in-between us. He wedged his bottom onto the couch.

Holiday Tips

Just a friendly reminder to spend a little extra time with your cat or dog today! While us humans enjoy our decorations, food, special visitors, yummy cookies and Santa, our animals may feel anxious and un-settled. Make sure the animal has a similar schedule of activities to remain calm. Spend a few extra minutes on