Animal Legal Defense Fund

Thank goodness! America needed this to pass to protect our animals.

Just a quick quote to make you smile :)


Can I please be a Stay-at-home-Dog┬áMom? I would love it!! I am not so sure Moose would like me being home all day….I would interrupt his napping schedule 0600 Wake up for a morning walk with me 0645-0900 Sleep with the hubby 0915 Short morning walk with the hubby before he leaves for work 0930

Rawhide Bones

Our dog trainer told us NEVER to use rawhide bones. He saw many cases that did not end up well for the dog.

Dangerous Food

Yikes! I did not realize some of these foods were dangerous!


As summer temperatures begin to set, please be careful when walking your dogs and the asphalt!

Keep Calm and Mastador On!

I had to re-order some more stickers!  

TBT Car Ride

TBT to a car ride through the horse fields! In 2011! Seems like yesterday….

New Dog Years Chart

Moose is not really 28! He is older than me according to the new dog year chart!


I just thought this photo was so cute, I had to share