Mastador Puppy

This is Moose when he was a little puppy.

Mastador in a Blanket!

Where’s Moose?

Lesson learned from a Mastador!

I left my travel kit on the counter while we went to dinner.

Mastadors on leather couches….

Mastador owners LOVE mastadors and leather couches! Mastadors also love leather couches…..well, they love couches in general. Moose loves our leather couch in the summer when the material is cool.  Mastador owners also love multicolored rugs.


Moose is ready for a road trip to the park!

Hot Mess!

Moose is a hot mess today! We went on a walk before the storm started and played in the sprinklers!

Mastador Cuteness

Just because

Mastadors Bump

We have only ever met one other Mastador dog before at the dog park. When were were talking about what kind our dogs were, the other owner said her dog was a mix between a mastiff and lab. I said Moose was also a the same mix, called a Mastador. She did not know what

Bath Time!

While we were on vacation, in addition to boarding, we also bought him a bath. When we arrived to pick him up today, the groomer stated she removed “a lot of his undercoat.” She spent almost an hour brushing him. After the bath, he was so clean, his coat was shining from miles away. She

Spring Time!

Spring is finally here!!!!!