Dog Park

I thought this was really funny!  

Black Dog Rescue

I am so happy these organizations exist to help out black dogs.   I wish I could take the all!!!

Food Bowl

I thought this was so cute!! The puppy reminded me of Moose when he was a little puppy: those big puppy eyes, sitting obediently waiting for a treat,  ears/eyes up, food obsessed and cute puppy fat


I was so looking forward to eating my purple grapes!!

Wood Obsession

Moose has a wood obsession!! 

#TBT Frosty Paws

#TBT to when Moose was a young pup, around six months! He was eating his Frosty Paws:)

Happy National Day Dog!!

Happy National Day Dog!!

Coconut Oil Comparison

I bought Trader Joe’s Coconut Oil a few months ago and have been using it daily for myself and Moose. I rub coconut oil on my eyelids to remove eye make-up. Then I rub a little extra around my wrinkles as wrinkle cream and mix to make a face mask. I also use coconut oil

Famous Mastador

I have heard the rumor for a while that Spike, the dog star in Old Yeller was a Mastador. I finally have proof!!

Animal Legal Defense Fund

Thank goodness! America needed this to pass to protect our animals.