Mastador and Lab Rated Toy

  Moose and his new toy!

Moose is a Pica dog! He loves Canadian Geese Dropping

We walk Moose on a lake path which we call “Temptation Lake” because Canadian Geese poop along the path. He LOVES, LOVES, LOVES eating goose poop! Moose is a pica dog

Flea and Tick Season

I saw this new  3-in-1 medicine for dogs on TV….heart worm, flea and intestinal parasites. I would never switch Moose off his heart worm medicine now because we have 6 more months. I would also like to conduct more research and ask our vet.

Nail Trimming Time-lab or mastiff way?

Moose is saving us money!

Three years ago….

These pictures were taken three years ago! How time flies.

Mastador Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Wedding Cake

Even since I posted the oven mitt incident, I was thinking about our wedding. Unfortunately, Moose was not included in person, however, he did make a virtual appearance I wanted him to be the ring bearer but he was a young puppy and still working on his behavior. I would of loved having him prance

Oven Mitts

Which oven mitt is not like the other???

Chilling on the Couch, waiting for Santa

Moose was waiting for Santa!